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Travon is M.A. candidate for the Translation and Localization Management program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. When he isn’t learning about the latest and greatest in localization, he’s working on creative visual artwork.
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The Power of Superior Terminology Management

Aug 1, '19 by Travon Varnado posted in Technology

Whether you’re a small, blooming company or a big-time, multi-tiered company, with a name echoing to all corners of the Earth, your brand’s survival and stability will forever be susceptible to inevitable mistakes capable of crippling your stance on the commercial stage. 

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Linguist Profile: A Personal Path to Translation

Jun 19, '19 by Travon Varnado posted in Talent

Meet Olga Montes, a translator and reviewer for Bureau Works. As most translators do, she works remotely for translation companies. Quebec, Canada is where she does all of her translation magic, and, yes, your guess is right if you assumed that French is her primary target language. Olga, who speaks, French, German, English and Spanish, was born and raised in Spain and didn’t become a language-lover until the time to transition from grade school to university drew closer and closer. Leading up to this transition, her passion revolved primarily around acting and the theater in general. The initial encounter with translation happened in grade school French and English foreign-language classes after she decided to supplement her passion for acting and theater with something more stable and promising as a prospective career.

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Automation: How Bureau Works Harnesses It For Better Translation Quality

Jun 10, '19 by Travon Varnado posted in Technology


Bureau Works’ robust localization management platform and the automated client-translator matchup feature push the expectations of what can and should be automated to new heights. Bureau Works is setting the example of just how well automation technology can do tasks that are typically relegated to and underexploited by human intervention. 

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