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Luciana is Bureau Work’s COO. She is known as a gap bridger and a heart follower.

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How to Find Translators Online to Staff Your International Expansion

Feb 5, '20 by Luciana Passos

Let’s talk dating apps and profiles. (Bear with me.)

When you swipe right on Jack because he “likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain” →
Or you match with Jill because she’s “not into yoga and she has half a brain” →

How do you know there’s any truth or commitment behind what they’re claiming about themselves? It does matter, whether you’re just looking for a good time or you’re seeking your soul mate. Even if all you have to lose is one date, you’re still investing your time, your money, your hopes—all of which could have been better placed if you had a more reliable way of vetting your options and perhaps a more worthwhile pool of options to begin with.

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Why You Should Outsource Translation Services

Jan 11, '20 by Luciana Passos

If you are tasked with finding translators for your organization’s localization, your logical choices are to hire them yourself or outsource translation services. Of course, the latter option presents a much higher up-front cost. But you can’t ignore the long-term costs associated with such a complicated endeavor as localization. You’re looking at much more than just signing on some translators.

Be ready to account for a heavy management burden, high-stakes quality assurance, a complicated ecosystem of content and collaborators, highly technical integration demands, and the fundamental issue of scalability as you continue to expand.

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Can Translation Jobs from Home Pay Your Bills?

Nov 21, '19 by Luciana Passos

Yes, translation jobs from home can absolutely pay your bills. Assuming you’ve learned to manage your freelance business appropriately, you can find online translation work with reputable companies that pay well and provide enough work to fill your schedule. 

The challenge lies in finding those unicorn positions in the first place. Most LSPs squeeze translators for every cent they’re worth. Working with end clients, you might struggle to achieve a secure volume of work that will cover your bills each month. Plus, most translators find their jobs through networking—a system that unfairly rewards connections over skills.

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6 Tricks Quality Translation Services Won’t Pull

Nov 19, '19 by Luciana Passos

The translation industry, like any other, has its good players and the not so good. Finding quality translation services can be crucial to your company’s success, and making a bad choice can cause a cascade of serious setbacks.

When you first approach it, it may be a daunting experience to sort out the options. You may get the idea that localization vendors offer out-of-reach-complex services with processes that you may only dimly understand. We can tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you’re looking for a long-term partner for global expansion, here are some of the things you should avoid, as well as some of the more promising signs to look for.

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Master Translation and Localization Project Management in 7 Steps

Oct 29, '19 by Luciana Passos

Translation and localization project management can be cumbersome and disorganized, with a lot of effort spent and no assurance that work is being done efficiently—or done well. Alternatively, localization management can be streamlined, optimized, and transparent. Ideally, you would be able to watch the progress of individual projects while working on higher-level challenges, making the best possible contribution to your organization. The difference is in how you approach the planning from this point forward.

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The Localization Vendors Soap Opera: A Manager’s Guide to Avoiding Drama

Oct 24, '19 by Luciana Passos

The scene opens on you, a newly hired localization manager at a major enterprise. You inherit a fairly extensive localization setup: established CMS software, a CAT tool, and a couple of translation vendors. If you’re really lucky, your welcome package also comes with a fully integrated localization platform. If not, at least you’ve got the basic technology you need to start localizing with some level of efficiency.

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Warning Signs and Consequences of Bad Translation

Oct 15, '19 by Luciana Passos

It’s hard to judge the quality of a translation in a language you don’t understand. You’ll figure it out eventually, but there are always consequences of bad translation. If it’s no more than a delay in your production schedule or a string of complaints, you’re lucky. Bad translation could be the reason you're not breaking into a market. Or worse, it could be the reason your reputation plummets.

So your choice of language service provider (LSP) is a huge decision with lasting consequences. There are warning signs when a translation company may not be providing the level of service you expect.

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Get Paid to Translate in the Cloud Era

Sep 20, '19 by Luciana Passos

In the gig economy of online translation, linguists face a daunting set of challenges. Stable work is often hard to come by. Even with a secure position, it’s often hard to find opportunities that offer compensation commensurate with your experience. Whether you freelance for LSPs or contract directly with end clients, you’re likely to experience a different set of creative and logistical obstacles. Let’s face it: it can be tough for professionals who want to get paid to translate.

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Who Do You Need on Your Localization Team?

Sep 3, '19 by Luciana Passos

When you take stock of how many people are involved in localization efforts on every level, it underscores what a major undertaking it really is. Those people may not all wear “Localization” name tags, but you had better make sure they all have the support and resources they need to keep this complicated ecosystem healthy. Make sure it can expand with your content.

The best way to identify your localization team is to take a step back and follow the entire life cycle of your content—from before its conception until, and even after, it is in the hands of the consumer. Even those people who barely come in contact with the content may still bear some weight on the localization process in the long run.

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What Is Localization Project Management At Its Best?

Aug 29, '19 by Luciana Passos

In order to keep pace with the latest translation technology, the localization industry has to evolve. Machine translation, automation tools, and API integration have made localization ever faster. AI can never truly replace the human element of localization. But this technology is quickly encouraging localization professionals to rethink how they’re spending their time and allocating their most precious resource: human innovation.

Localization project management is undergoing a revolution in light of recent advancements in localization technology.

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