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Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

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News From the Robots - Orson Welles Edition

Sep 17, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider, Technology

Update #1: I will stop enumerating these updates. It's hard to keep track, and it also adds nothing to the content.

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News From the Robots (CTO Updates #6)

Aug 19, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider, Technology

This one is a bad one, my beloved followers. Yes, it's 2019, and we don't have readers anymore, we have followers, because of course. So this is a bad issue of the Update, as we're working on a bunch of top secret stuff which I can't really report, because of course.

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News From The Robots (CTO Updates #5)

Aug 6, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider, Technology

I have created a forbidden glossary for Bureau Works. Nobody follows me, but I tried, it is my faint attempt to make the Internet and our work spaces better - please remember in the future, you saw it here first.

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Já Tá Lá

Jul 31, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider

Language is beautiful, right? I speak Portuguese, I egotistically and egocentrically say it's a beautiful language, it sounds nice and musical. Like every other language, some sentences can be extremely complex, and sometimes they can be extremely simple.

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News From the Robots (CTO Updates #4)

Jul 15, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider, Technology


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News From the Robots (CTO Updates #3)

Jul 3, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Insider, Technology

Top of the News

Siblings fight. That's what we do, we grow up fighting and we have (in most cases) infinite love to share. Brazil beat Argentina yesterday for the Copa America, and as usual, it was hard and exciting. We are hermanos, we will cherish our beaches, wines, cultures, but football, football, just don't, big no-no. We love to hate each other when we play, and may this continue forever! Brazil 2 x 0 Argentina! HA!

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Valuing our scarcest resource: human talent

Jun 20, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Technology

I have a fascination for mechanical gadgetry. Maybe it's due to the fact that they are inherently imperfect, and that we've been trying to make things work correctly and more precisely for centuries. I collect automatic, mechanical watches. I still listen to vinyl at home, from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye to Mutantes. One of my hobbies is to use old film in my Hasselblad, Mamiya and even plastic cameras. Film has grain, it ages and needs a lot of work to make it record images properly.  And although I like electric cars, I marvel how timed explosions turn reciprocating motion into circular motion with manual gear-shifting and how this propels an internal combustion engine vehicle forward.

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News From the Robots (CTO Update #2)

Jun 17, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Technology

It's about time for the second update! I still haven't figure out a good title for these update entries, so any love for "News From the Robots"? These are some relevant facts (for me, at least) from the last couple of weeks:

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The Works of Bureau #1 (CTO Updates)

May 29, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Technology

Hello everyone! This is the first of a series of posts that aim to keep you updated with the development and new features in Bureau Works, as well as relevant industry facts and also some randomness from the Internet—I get way too bored writing serious emails so I hope you take these with a light heart!

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App Game Localization Tools—Do You Need an Automation Platform?

May 21, '19 by Henrique Cabral

Are you prepared for every necessary step to getting your game into international markets? Are you rushing into translations without doing your research? Neglecting to carefully prioritize your target markets and to educate yourself about app localization best practices could mean that you’re doubling or tripling your budget in no time. It could mean that you push through translation projects and see little to no return in these unfamiliar markets.

It’s time to get familiar—with new territories, new technologies, and a much broader perspective on localization.

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