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Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

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How to Localize an App: A Turnkey Solution

Apr 16, '19 by Henrique Cabral

When you have crack teams of developers working on your app, it only makes sense to have the best possible localization team to usher it into new markets worldwide. With everything that localization involves, from the logistics of integration to managing translators and accounting for cultural nuances, it is a job that requires its own specialists.

You essentially need a second team of top professionals working with you to keep your app relevant and up-to-date in all markets, and this need is intensified if your app has frequent iterations. When considering how to localize an app with short release cycles, your best bet may be a turnkey solution. Here, experienced partners working in an integrated, automated, and collaborative space can help you ensure every release speaks to your audience—whatever language they speak.

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Why Your Enterprise Needs a Content Localization Management System

Mar 26, '19 by Henrique Cabral

There are basically two ways to put localization into play for your company:

1. You could build your strategy, processes, and resources from scratch and then let that be your big, primary focus for years to come as you stretch farther out into global markets.

2. You could step into a system that is already tested and already evolving with the real-time demands of localization. And then, because of the automation and quality assurance that are possible in this system, your focus in the years to come will be on growing and innovating your product for this exponential market you now influence around the world.

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illustrations-web3Authentically speak to your international markets—no matter where in the world you’ve set your sights next. Bureau Works partners with global-minded enterprises and startups to create a centralized hub for crafting localized web content. Contact our team today to get back in the driver’s seat of your global brand oversight.


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