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How to Recognize the Best Professional Translation Services

Jun 20, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Within the competitive translation industry, how can you identify which providers are worthwhile? How can you translate their promises to evaluate the real value of their services?

It’s important to second-guess what professional translation services are selling. And a good way to do that is to review what your big goals and objectives really are on the global stage. Because it’s not just about having some words translated by end of day.

Where are you really hoping to take your product and your company? And who is going to be a strong and reliable partner to help you get there?

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How to Integrate Localization Testing: A Checklist for Product Managers

Jun 13, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Sometimes, the biggest problem with localization is not a technical glitch but an outlook. Far too often, localization is an afterthought, taken up only at the end of product development. And then localization testing comes as an after-afterthought. This attitude can have serious consequences that are difficult to reverse.


There are two big risks of running localization testing only at the last moment:

  1. Delays
  2. Brand damage
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7 Things to Know About Multimedia Localization

Jun 6, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Marketing materials. eLearning modules. Technical support videos. Product tutorials. When your company goes global, these types of content will require multimedia localization to succeed in your target markets. When it comes to customer conversion and employee education, video is king. Unfortunately, multimedia content is also incredibly complicated to localize.

From translated scripts to voiceover management to screen capture, the multimedia localization process involves more steps than any other translation-related activity.

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How to Automate Your Global Content Marketing

May 30, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Any time you post something on the Internet, it becomes global content instantly. Practically everyone in the world can access it regardless of the language they speak.

The contact is immediate, but the language barrier may be counter to your goals of globalization. Of course, you want your content out as soon as possible in English, but it’s also important to consider those customers who don’t have the option to read it in their own language.

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6 Localization Tips for Multilingual Customer Support

May 23, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Support content tends to be fairly disaster-prone. Companies can usually manage to get a product fully localized into a target language, but then they forget about translating the online support pages to go with it. Panic ensues when you finally localize all of your support content, but you don’t have your chatbot working in other languages. Or when you have only English speakers on the phone lines. Or when you’ve got multilingual emails flooding in that your team has no idea how to process.

These are all disasters you can avoid.

The following tips will help you to effectively localize your multilingual customer support content from start to finish and avoid the major pitfalls.

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4 Planning Tips for eCommerce Localization

May 9, '19 by Aaron Schliem

There are principles we like to emphasize over and over based on what we know works for localization. Two of our biggest points of emphasis are advance preparation and simplification wherever possible. Nowhere are these strategies more applicable than for ecommerce localization.

This is not a challenge you want to just get started with and learn as you go. Too many details hang in the balance. And they will trip you up.

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Why Hire eLearning Localization Services for Multilingual Training Content

May 7, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Most companies didn’t think about globalization before designing their corporate training curriculum. Maybe you hired instructional designers to conduct training in English, and you’ve gotten years of good use out of those modules. You never thought to design an elearning curriculum that could be deployed to users in Germany, Colombia, or mainland China.

Now that your enterprise is going global, you realize quickly that elearning content is incredibly difficult to localize—and you don’t have the tools you need to do the job.

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The Localization Mistakes You Can Avoid

May 2, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Localization can be a minefield. With one misstep you can end up with a catastrophic cost explosion. Another misstep may put you on a disorganized path with poor-quality results. So, how can you avoid such dangerous pitfalls?

Localization mistakes are easy to make, but they are not inevitable. Keep an eye out for some of the common stumbling blocks startups encounter. With the right localization tools and best practices, you can launch without making these costly mistakes. And a smooth start will help you achieve faster and greater success.

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How to Implement Localization in Android to Keep Up with Your Markets

Apr 25, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Localization is an ongoing relationship that works best when it starts early. Often, app developers or product managers who are considering how to implement localization in Android expect to engage with a localization partner only once they’ve got everything ready on their end. This is a mistake in the long run.

Localization best practices show that you attain the greatest success when localization experts are involved in the conceptualization and design phase, right through implementation and for the long haul. Localization in Android is an ongoing engagement with a partner that gets your company, your brand, and your product. And your ideal partner will work with you continuously to refine both technology and language as you grow.

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Outsourcing Your Web and App Localization: ROI Considerations

Apr 18, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Don’t miss the opportunity for web and app localization that is both simple and successful. If you’re not working with a localization partner that has proper technology and a good platform approach, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort on tasks that should be easy for the right software to manage. The costs add up when you’re mismanaging—and overmanaging—your money, time, and talent in the localization effort.

There’s no need to go out of your way to reinvent the wheel. Professional localization services have mastered the art of centralizing systems and reducing localization costs. By outsourcing your web and app localization to an expert partner, you have the opportunity to reduce administrative overhead, increase localization ROI, and scale your localization process effortlessly into broader international markets.

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