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Aaron Schliem

Aaron is the chief marketing officer for Bureau Works. He also loves to tickle the ivories and is a wiz at designing cocktails.

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Outsourcing Your Web and App Localization: ROI Considerations

Apr 18, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Don’t miss the opportunity for web and app localization that is both simple and successful. If you’re not working with a localization partner that has proper technology and a good platform approach, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort on tasks that should be easy for the right software to manage. The costs add up when you’re mismanaging—and overmanaging—your money, time, and talent in the localization effort.

There’s no need to go out of your way to reinvent the wheel. Professional localization services have mastered the art of centralizing systems and reducing localization costs. By outsourcing your web and app localization to an expert partner, you have the opportunity to reduce administrative overhead, increase localization ROI, and scale your localization process effortlessly into broader international markets.

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8 Top App Localization Best Practices to Connect with Global Markets

Apr 11, '19 by Aaron Schliem

App localization has become so widespread that product managers consider it an integral part of development. Localization is a complex and continuous process that, ideally, begins at the design stage.

The caliber of its implementation can have a radical effect on the success and profitability of an app, so it should be given its due priority. Developers aim to release their apps quickly, even simultaneously, to multiple markets worldwide to gain a competitive advantage over local and international rivals. But to achieve a genuine advantage, companies need top-rate localization that is up and running from the very start.

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How to Simplify Management of Multilingual Content Localization

Apr 9, '19 by Aaron Schliem

The best way to simplify your multilingual content localization process is to give the job to someone else. Give it to someone you can trust to deliver on your far-reaching goals—someone you can trust to actually care about your content.

We recommend building a strong relationship with an experienced localization partner who can get in the weeds with you and map a clear path forward. Together, you’ll envision the most efficient localization management strategy for your enterprise and make it a reality. You may actually be shocked at how simple localization can be.

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Why You Need a Content Localization Strategy to Grow Your Startup Globally

Apr 4, '19 by Aaron Schliem

As the product manager for a booming tech startup, you don’t have time—or resources—to waste. You’ve poured everything into a product people will pay to get their hands on. Now, you have the funding to take it around the world, and your venture capitalists are ready to see movement—yesterday.

Why does localization strategy matter so much at this point? Because venture-funded startups are dead set on growing now. Because there’s too much to lose by jumping the gun. Because there’s too much to gain from globalization done well.

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How Continuous Localization Tools Can Help Grow Your SaaS Enterprise

Apr 2, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Could you and your team design a localization procedure for your SaaS to get it out to waiting markets? Of course, you could. But who’s going to pick up where your team left off when you’re troubleshooting simple difficulties with file versioning, inconsistencies in translations and branding, and communications with your many in-market reviewers?

Localization is an industry necessity, but so is dedicated attention to the health and growth of your own service. Managing in-house localization efforts means shouldering the burden of increased administrative overhead and possibly pulling your team away from their primary focus. And to add insult to immense effort, a jury-rigged localization system will not perform on par with those developed by experts in the localization software market.

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The Hidden Costs of Website Translation Services vs a Localization Platform

Mar 29, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Website translation services seem attractive at first glance. Everyone wants “affordable one-hour human website translation!” Right?

If you needed a one-off translation for a small website into a single target language, that deal might be worth your time. You upload a few pages to this service, and they assign your project quickly to whichever translator happens to be working during that hour. They make some changes behind the scenes, and you receive a deliverable ready to pass through your in-market reviewers and push live.

However, this system immediately loses its appeal when you’re managing multiple complex and evolving assets in the digital economy. It becomes too difficult to oversee what’s going on behind the curtain and to ensure quality and timely local updates.

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The Benefits of Localization vs Translation for International Corporations

Mar 19, '19 by Aaron Schliem

We live in a world where the key to survival in business is global relevance.

According to Forrester research, 64% of buyers said they valued localized content when making technology purchases. As such, most large-scale enterprises have been prioritizing localization for years—even hiring localization or translation managers whose main function is to improve content on a global scale. These companies already understand how to take translation to the next level. In other words, they have probably already navigated the logistical and linguistic mistakes and hang-ups that many companies face when beginning to localize.

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