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The Best Product Translation Services Are Market-Focused and Scalable

Jun 11, '19 by Luciana Passos

It’s true that the sooner you can get your product to market, the sooner you’re opening the doors wide to let consumers in. But whether these are English-speaking markets or those you can reach only through translation, quality matters. While speed and low upfront costs might be tempting in the rush to localize, you may not realize how the integrity of your product and your brand are at stake. Choose product translation services carefully with your company’s long-term success in mind.

More than just specs. More than just nuts and bolts. Think about how long it took to develop your brand and perfect your product in the first place—including the language that makes it accessible to users.

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Automation: How Bureau Works Harnesses It For Better Translation Quality

Jun 10, '19 by Travon Varnado posted in Technology


Bureau Works’ robust localization management platform and the automated client-translator matchup feature push the expectations of what can and should be automated to new heights. Bureau Works is setting the example of just how well automation technology can do tasks that are typically relegated to and underexploited by human intervention. 

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The Death of Localization and the Birth of Internationalization

Jun 8, '19 by Gabriel Fairman

Localization initiatives can only be as successful as the overall international strategy the powers the forward. Let me unpack that.

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7 Things to Know About Multimedia Localization

Jun 6, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Marketing materials. eLearning modules. Technical support videos. Product tutorials. When your company goes global, these types of content will require multimedia localization to succeed in your target markets. When it comes to customer conversion and employee education, video is king. Unfortunately, multimedia content is also incredibly complicated to localize.

From translated scripts to voiceover management to screen capture, the multimedia localization process involves more steps than any other translation-related activity.

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Secure Localization Translation Jobs for Savvy Translators

Jun 4, '19 by Luciana Passos

Freelance translators deal with a lot. Some project managers assign jobs based on favoritism and familiarity. Sometimes, it’s the case that you get work only if you’re the one responding to their emails the fastest.

You end up wasting time on menial tasks that divert you from the linguistic work you take pride in. Worst of all, you are constantly squeezed into lowering your rates (again, again, and again).

How do you mitigate these challenges?

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How to Automate Your Global Content Marketing

May 30, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Any time you post something on the Internet, it becomes global content instantly. Practically everyone in the world can access it regardless of the language they speak.

The contact is immediate, but the language barrier may be counter to your goals of globalization. Of course, you want your content out as soon as possible in English, but it’s also important to consider those customers who don’t have the option to read it in their own language.

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The Works of Bureau #1 (CTO Updates)

May 29, '19 by Henrique Cabral posted in Technology

Hello everyone! This is the first of a series of posts that aim to keep you updated with the development and new features in Bureau Works, as well as relevant industry facts and also some randomness from the Internet—I get way too bored writing serious emails so I hope you take these with a light heart!

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4 Classic Localization Caricatures and How to Rise Above These

May 24, '19 by Gabriel Fairman

Where does a Localization Team belong in an organization? Is it a part of Global Marketing? Is it a part of Product? After-sales or go-to-market?

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6 Localization Tips for Multilingual Customer Support

May 23, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Support content tends to be fairly disaster-prone. Companies can usually manage to get a product fully localized into a target language, but then they forget about translating the online support pages to go with it. Panic ensues when you finally localize all of your support content, but you don’t have your chatbot working in other languages. Or when you have only English speakers on the phone lines. Or when you’ve got multilingual emails flooding in that your team has no idea how to process.

These are all disasters you can avoid.

The following tips will help you to effectively localize your multilingual customer support content from start to finish and avoid the major pitfalls.

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App Game Localization Tools—Do You Need an Automation Platform?

May 21, '19 by Henrique Cabral

Are you prepared for every necessary step to getting your game into international markets? Are you rushing into translations without doing your research? Neglecting to carefully prioritize your target markets and to educate yourself about app localization best practices could mean that you’re doubling or tripling your budget in no time. It could mean that you push through translation projects and see little to no return in these unfamiliar markets.

It’s time to get familiar—with new territories, new technologies, and a much broader perspective on localization.

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