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Why You Should Outsource Translation Services

Jan 11, '20 by Luciana Passos

If you are tasked with finding translators for your organization’s localization, your logical choices are to hire them yourself or outsource translation services. Of course, the latter option presents a much higher up-front cost. But you can’t ignore the long-term costs associated with such a complicated endeavor as localization. You’re looking at much more than just signing on some translators.

Be ready to account for a heavy management burden, high-stakes quality assurance, a complicated ecosystem of content and collaborators, highly technical integration demands, and the fundamental issue of scalability as you continue to expand.

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Can Localization Automation Tools Solve Your Workflow Problems?

Jan 8, '20 by Aaron Schliem

A steady, controlled workflow makes life easier for all stakeholders and is an important factor in your success. Localization automation tools are an obvious option that can improve your workflow and give you scalability, the ability to expand smoothly into new markets.

But automation isn’t exactly automatic. It happens as a result of a lot of hard work up front to develop systems and resources that will sustain your localization projects.

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How to Translate into Multiple Languages for International Markets

Dec 12, '19 by Aaron Schliem

In today’s economy, companies that expand internationally aren’t just targeting their neighbors—they’re targeting the world. You don’t just need translation for one language. You need multiple languages. And the more languages you target, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to handle that volume of content in-house with your primary team and tools.

If you’re looking to translate into multiple languages within the next year, the following 7 steps will be crucial to achieving successful and timely localization so you can succeed in the global marketplace.

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Help Your Startup Go Global with Expert Localization Strategy

Dec 10, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Startups are in a world of their own. They have their own pace and logic. Maintaining momentum can be challenging enough without adding international ambitions to the mix. But with the right kind of support, technology, and streamlined workflows, you can watch your startup go global with very little management required on your part.

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Rethinking Your Top Languages for App Localization

Dec 3, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Choosing languages is an essential step to begin the localization process. Often, there is pressure to take action and grow, even while languages and markets are still taking shape in your strategy.

To determine your top languages for app localization, you need to know your product and target markets deeply, and it’s only one of the early steps in your global expansion.

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Can Translation Jobs from Home Pay Your Bills?

Nov 21, '19 by Luciana Passos

Yes, translation jobs from home can absolutely pay your bills. Assuming you’ve learned to manage your freelance business appropriately, you can find online translation work with reputable companies that pay well and provide enough work to fill your schedule. 

The challenge lies in finding those unicorn positions in the first place. Most LSPs squeeze translators for every cent they’re worth. Working with end clients, you might struggle to achieve a secure volume of work that will cover your bills each month. Plus, most translators find their jobs through networking—a system that unfairly rewards connections over skills.

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6 Tricks Quality Translation Services Won’t Pull

Nov 19, '19 by Luciana Passos

The translation industry, like any other, has its good players and the not so good. Finding quality translation services can be crucial to your company’s success, and making a bad choice can cause a cascade of serious setbacks.

When you first approach it, it may be a daunting experience to sort out the options. You may get the idea that localization vendors offer out-of-reach-complex services with processes that you may only dimly understand. We can tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. When you’re looking for a long-term partner for global expansion, here are some of the things you should avoid, as well as some of the more promising signs to look for.

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Finding Translation Workflow Management Software That Works

Nov 12, '19 by Aaron Schliem

Workflow is one of the biggest challenges of localization. Getting tasks in front of the right people without overmanaging and wasting time is harder than you might expect, especially as your localization projects grow. Various time zones, competing demands on your translators, and basic human error get in the way of efficiency. 

These complications would be plenty, but they’re compounded by the fact that there is more than one stream flowing through your localization engine at any given time: there’s the translatable content flowing in, the editorial back-and-forth, the in-market review, the translated content flowing out, and the flow of supportive assets in and around all of it.

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12 Things to Consider When Entering a Foreign Software Market

Nov 5, '19 by Aaron Schliem

When you are preparing for global expansion, the pressure is on. Every new market brings its own challenges that call for their own solutions. The number of things to consider when entering a foreign market may seem overwhelming at first, but experience—especially coming from an expert localization partner—can help you develop a careful and efficient localization strategy.

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10 UI Localization Best Practices for a Successful Global Launch

Oct 31, '19 by Aaron Schliem

For mobile developers, UI localization could be the most crucial step in getting your app to succeed in the global marketplace. The following UI localization best practices will ensure that you avoid all of the standard mistakes many developers and product managers make at this stage. From design to translation to implementation, these are the tactics that will keep your localization process efficient, cost-effective, and on pace with the deadlines of your global launch.

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